The State of Affairs

Written by one whose heart aches for His people:

In light of the opinion issued by the California Supreme Court yesterday and the position the three major candidates are taking on that issue, perhaps the following may allow the direction for our Lord:

“How can we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” (Ps. 137:4).

Has our own nation become as foreign soil to those desiring to live godly in Christ Jesus? Has America become as an alien land to the saints of biblical promise? Has the land of the free and the home of the brave given birth to such aberrant cultural leanings that Christians are such prisoners of societal pressures that their new hearts are no longer allowed to openly sing God’s new songs? Has unrighteousness so captivated an entire nation that the righteous have become shy in their proclamation of righteousness?

In an audio by Reverend Iain H. Murray of April 26th, A.D. 2003 entitled John Wesley, Why are we interested in the Methodists?, he reads from a man addressing the national import of a subtle non-applied gospel to those who are perishing:

“Men who are destitute of the gospel are destitute of the only appointed means of salvation; there are no other means of fitting men for heaven; there is no other means of turning them from darkness to light. A community without gospel preaching – there is nothing worth living for in that community. It may be rich in rivers, in ore and luxuriant in soil; it may be watered as the plains of Sodom and as accursed as they. I would not educate a family of children in such a community for all the prairies between the Alleghenies and the Rocky Mountains.

Of what value are lands, rivers and forests if the pearl of great price is not there!”

Material prosperity has displaced spiritual concerns in our great land. Morality has become confused with Christianity. The ancient paths of seasonal prayer, the family governing itself in the way of the Lord and observing the Lord’s Day as God directs has been forfeited (Jer. 6:16). The necessity of Christians coming to a personal conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit taking out the heart of stone and applying the law of God to the hearts of men is no longer deemed an essential in our homes and churches.

Many Americans have become accomplished manipulators of their preferences. They deny certain responsibilities and yet cry for improved positions. Every person is responsible for his own advancement in this world premised upon his birth-talents, the skills he has labored to hone through disciplined living and the blessings that have flowed to him from the Lord. Academics, societal civility, the virtues of the ages and personal improvement suffer severely when a culture condescends to violate James 2:9 by showing partiality to the undeserving at the expense of those who are laboring in the vineyards.

John Winthrop’s Christian political philosophy, following Augustine and Calvin, was not starkly individualistic. The new covenant John Winthrop articulated upon our American shores was radically different from a social contract, because the covenant was not merely an agreement between the citizenry of the settlers, but primarily a commitment to God. The social/cultural/political

/religious experiment called America would only succeed if the community followed the counsel of Micah to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God (Mic. 6:8). Social covenants are pledges of absolute commitment to pursue the good for the whole with the awareness of God’s providential hand as the true determinant.

Nonetheless, the economy of self-denial is so foreign a concept in our America that it is actually denied. The belief in an absolute truth is an uncommon occurrence. The verities of America’s foundations are being shaken and she is becoming a bare blackened rocky monument to the truth that our God is a consuming fire.

We are in need of clear thinking, plain speaking, heavenly motivated cultural shapers. These know that the well-being of their society is not dependent upon commerce, politics, market stability, manufacturing or service industries, or job creation, but the doctrines of grace being lived and taught as a matter of life and death. Those with understanding perceive what the times demand and aggressively advance the work of Christ. They are riveted upon one matter and they are effectively about their Master’s business. Their precise grasp of the most vital matters enable them to articulate a comprehensive declaration coupled with a call to arms.

Who are those graced by God to gift their people with sacred wheat strained of any unholy tares and chaff? Who is willing to speak with urgency and roar with holy thunder? Who will hold forth the mind of Christ though they know that the devil always has the majority in his camp because his is the way of ease, self-gratification, quick indulgence and deathly sleep? There is about those so gifted a sacred way that captures the imagination of onlookers because they ambulate with sacred energy and refuse to fan into flame the strange fires of worldliness.

Are you willing to set forth your biblical perception of the state of affairs in such a manner that others may appreciate the insights your Lord has blessed?

Soli Deo Gloria!

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